I did not receive the item I ordered

If the wrong item has found its way into your order instead of the one intended, contact us within 10 days and we will either replace it, offer you a full refund or provide you with a coupon code to use on your next order. In order to receive your replacement or refund, the original item must be returned to The Candyman in its original state. We will provide you with a return addressed courier satchel at no extra cost. Your replacement or refund will be will be processed within 7 days of receiving your item.

Damaged or imperfect goodies

We take great care in packaging up your goodies before they begin their journey to you, although once they have left The Candyman they are then in the hands of our Courier Company. Should your goodies not arrive in proper order, depending on the situation you may receive a full replacement or refund. Please contact us for details.

My order did not arrive

If you have been waiting patiently and your sweet indulgence has not arrived yet, you can check your track & trace code to see the whereabouts of your goodies. If the track & trace states your goodies have in fact been delivered, but you cannot locate them, we can start an investigation with the Courier Company on your behalf.
Unfortunately neither The Candyman nor the Courier Company are able to refund or replace items that have either been damaged, lost or stolen after being delivered to your property.’

If you are unsure about your order, or would like further assistance, please Contact Us.