Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, we ship worldwide.
At checkout once you enter your shipping address you will be presented with appropriate shipping costs.
Shipping costs are calculated by your location and weight/size of the goodies in your order.
Depending on the shipping option you choose, standard shipping will take between 3-10 working days, express shipping will take between 2-5 working days and your goodies will be dispatched with NZ Post.

Where do all your delectably tasty goodies come from?

Why from all over the world of course! People such as yourself request goodies that they’ve found while adventuring abroad, or treats they were given as a child, even things people just want to indulge on! Then us here at The Candyman scour the world over to bring them to NZ for you to order at your hearts content, and have them sent right to your door. Would you like to Request a Product?

What is the difference between best before and expire dates?

Products past the best by date are still ok to consume, and particularly with chocolate, can keep for up to 6 years past this date. If products reach their best by dates we offer them as a special. Expired products however, we will offer as a sacrifice to the Candy Gods.

My goodies haven’t arrived?

If you have been waiting patiently and your sweet indulgence has not arrived yet, you can check your track & trace code to see the whereabouts of your goodies. If the track & trace states your goodies have in fact been delivered, but you cannot locate them, we can start an investigation with the Courier Company on your behalf.

Unfortunately neither The Candyman nor the Courier Company are able to refund or replace items that have either been damaged, lost or stolen after being delivered to your property.

I have allergies, how do I know what I can have?

We have an allergen section to which we are continuously uploading products to. We also have the ingredients listed on most products as well. Please take note, however,  that when manufacturers change their ingredients they do not have to state they have done so. We do our best to keep up-to-date ingredient lists, if we have missed something please let us know, Contact Us. Alternatively, if there is a particular goodie you are after that we don’t have, you can Request a Product.

I can’t find the goodies I am looking for?

We stock hundreds of items and are constantly uploading new products to our website. Usually when our shipments arrive there are a couple of new goodies inside too. If there is a particular sweet treat you are looking for but can’t find then you can Request a Product.

What is Request a Product?

Any delectable goodie(s) you cannot find on our website, you can let us know by using our Request a Product feature. If its not something we already stock, we will scour the earth to find it and pop it online for you. Most products we are able to find, unless it is has been discontinued by the manufacturer, in that case, we will keep our eyes peeled to see if it is released as a limited edition product in future. If you are a member, your product requests will link to your account, where you can view updates from us about your sweet delight.

How long until my goodies arrive?

We know you can’t wait until your sweet treats arrive and so we dispatch orders as quick as we can. Orders usually take between 1-3 days to arrive depending on whereabouts in NZ they are travelling to. Please keep in mind though that rural delivery will take an extra 1-2 days. NZ deliveries will be handled by Post Haste Couriers.

What is a Candyman Lolly Jar?

These wonderful glass jars from Italy that we sell with sweets, once sat on the shelves in our shop. Each one comes with a little bit of Candyman history. Please accept any slight imperfections there may be.

Damaged or imperfect goodies

We take great care in packaging up your goodies before they begin their journey to you, although once they have left The Candyman they are then in the hands of our Courier Company. Should your goodies not arrive in proper order, depending on the situation you may receive a full replacement or refund. Please contact us for details.